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Behavior Vision Therapy? Do your Homework!

Here’s an excerpt from the Abstract: Learning disabilities are complex problems that require complex solutions. Early recognition and referral to qualified educational professionals for evidence based evaluations and treatments seem necessary to achieve the best possible outcome. Most experts believe that dyslexia is a language based disorder. Vision problems can interfere with the process of […]

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: Tremendous in theory BUT implemented all wrong!

This article Definitely hits the key issues: http://www.suntimes.com/business/savage/2119457,CST-NWS-savage24new.savagearticle  Children with special needs need to be included in mainstream classrooms and held to the same standards as their “typical” peers.  If this standard isn’t kept, won’t it be difficult to accurately determine children’s progress and hold educators accountable?  What if we kept programs like these in […]