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Choosing the Right Toys to Promote Your Child’s Language Development: Part 2

With the holiday’s approaching, you may be looking for gift ideas for your little ones, or it may just be time to revamp the toy shelves.  Parents often askwhich toys will help their child’s speech and language skills develop.  Flash cards?… Baby Einstein?…Wi? In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about principles to consider […]

Choosing the Right Toys to Promote Your Child’s Language Development

Parents often ask which toys to purchase for their child. There are so many factors to consider: learning, development, socialization, entertainment, and of course, fun! So how do you know which toys are best? Here are a few basic principles to consider when choosing the right toy for your child: How do I choose the […]

Preparing For Your Child’s Speech & Language Evaluation

Preparing for a speech and language evaluation can feel overwhelming for a parent. It might feel nerve-wracking to have concerns about your child’s communication, as well as meeting a new health-care provider in an unfamiliar place. If you have already scheduled your child’s speech and language evaluation, then you’ve taken an important step in helping […]

10 Ways to Practice Speech & Language at the Grocery Store

You’ve got errands to run and groceries to buy. The weekly to-do’s are piling up, and there’s little time left over for educational activities and focusing on your child’s development. But did you know the grocery store has endless opportunities to practice speech and language skills? Here are a few fun tips to keep your […]

How Social Groups Can Help Your Child Navigate Friendships

Making friends involves an array of complex skills, from taking turns, to initiating interactions, considering others’ perspectives, negotiating, problem-solving, repairing communication breakdowns, and being flexible. For many children, these skills can be incredibly challenging, often resulting in difficulty with making friends. What are the benefits of social groups? Social groups are designed to help children […]

International Adoption and Speech-Language Development

According to the U.S. Department of State, approximately 11,059 children were adopted internationally in 2010.  Over 88% of these children were likely raised in an orphanage prior to their adoption (Johnson & Dole, 1999).  Research has well-documented that children raised in orphanage care are at a high risk for language and developmental delays (Johnson, 2000).  […]

Encouraging Siblings to Help With Speech & Language Practice

Save Time By Getting The Whole Family Involved One of the most important contributors to progress in speech-language therapy is consistent practice at home. I often compare therapy to working-out at the gym: once a week is unlikely to make a big impact. In order to master new speech and language skills, children should practice […]

Encouraging Your Infant to Communicate

Promoting speech and language development from the start Your infant may not be using words yet, but they are communicating in big ways! In fact, children begin to communicate long before they start talking. Eye gaze, crying, listening, facial expressions, gestures, turn-taking, and vocalizations are all foundations of speech and language. The first year of […]

5 Fun And Easy Activities to Promote Speech And Language Development During Summer

School’s out, which means you have extra time to spend with your child. As you plan activities to fill the day, you might find yourself needing a few “tricks” to tie in learning with fun. Here’s a list of my top five activities to encourage speech and language development while still having a good time. […]

Encouraging Your Child To Talk About Their Day

Why won’t my child share more Information? One of the most common things I hear from parents is the desire to hear about their child’s day. Whether at camp, a play-date, or a day at school, we’re anxious to hear all about it! “So how was school today?” It seems simple enough. For children with […]