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Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend a Blossom Winter Camp!

North Shore Pediatric Therapy is offering over 17 unique camps this winter break for children ages 3 to high school.   Each camp focuses on strengthening different areas utilizing age appropriate fun activities! Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend a Blossom Winter Camp: The kids are on break from school and their routine has been eliminated! Help […]

Using the Game “Guess Who” as a Fun Way to Address Handwriting at Home!

Handwriting practice may cause conflict in your household, especially after a full day of school. There are various techniques to incorporate handwriting into fun activities. One of these strategies is by using the board game, “Guess Who.” Set up the game as you normally would to play without handwriting practice. Prepare paper and pencils for […]

Using the Fall Season to Work on your child’s Developmental Skills!

The weather is changing and children are back to school.  The Fall season provides opportunities for many activities to address your child’s occupational therapy needs. The activities listed below work on a variety of developmental skills and are appropriate for children of all ages: Rake leaves- provides heavy work and builds strength and endurance Carve […]

Low Muscle Tone Revealed

Muscle tone refers to the muscle’s ability to sustain a contraction. It is different than muscle strength, which refers the muscles’ power. A child with low muscle tone is often observed to sit with a slouched posture, may have difficulty holding their head upright when sitting at a desk and may be observed to prop their […]

Swimming- A Fun and Beneficial Sport

Swimming is a great sport and pastime, particularly for children with sensory processing difficulties, as the water provides a multi-sensory experience for the body. Swimming also addresses a variety of skills, ultimately improving your child’s sensory processing, strength, endurance and coordination. Proprioceptive/tactile processing: The feel of water on the body gives proprioceptive input, the input […]

What is Motor Planning?

Motor planning is a process that encompasses the ability to come up with an idea, plan how to complete that idea and then finally, execute that idea. Children with sensory processing disorder often have difficulty motor planning for various gross motor and fine motor tasks, as motor planning is a complex procedure that relies on […]

Dogs can benefit from OT, too!

On a recent flight, I was browsing through the SkyMall magazine, when I came across an ad for “the best solution for dog anxiety, guaranteed!” The product, Thundershirt, is a pressure garment designed to be worn by dogs to assist with anxiety. The product’s design is actually based on a principle from the Sensory Processing theory, […]

Yoga and Pilates for the Whole Family

Why Yoga and Pilates Can Help Your Child: The practice of yoga and pilates has become increasingly popular among adults. It seems like there is now a yoga or pilates studio on every corner– right next door to the Starbucks on every corner! In fact, yoga and pilates exercises are actually just as beneficial for […]

10 Tips to Help your Middle Schooler or Teen Sit Still During a Test.

Test taking in middle school can be stressful for your child and he/she may find it difficult to sit still throughout the duration of the test. There are a number of different strategies that you can teach and provide your child to help organize his/her body for improved focus during a test.  10 Tips To […]

Holiday Gifts Promote Smiles and Skills!

Holiday gift giving can elevate much more than your child’s spirit. In fact, you can use the holidays as an opportunity to stock up on toys and games that will facilitate your child’s development. A bean bag chair isn’t just cozy and fun; it also provides deep pressure during movie night or bedtime reading. Beads provide […]