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5 Ways to Help Your Child “Kick-Off” a Conversation

Many people look forward to fall for the start of football season and back-to-school; however, it can also be an intimidating time for children who struggle with social interaction with peers.  For some kids, talking with friends comes naturally.  Other kids need some help.  If your child finds it difficult to strike up a conversation […]

Articulation Disorders vs. Phonological Processing Disorders

Articulation Disorder. Phonological Process. What’s the difference between these two terms, and why is it important to understand how they are different? Articulation Disorder: An Articulation Disorder involves difficulties producing sounds. Sounds may be substituted, omitted, added or deleted in an articulation disorder. For example, a child who says “dut” for “duck” is substituting the […]

Phonological Process Extinction

A Phonological Disorder involves a pattern of speech sound errors. For example, if a child consistently substitutes the “t” sound for the “k” sound, this is the phonological process of “fronting.” Speech sound errors are very common in young children; however, if an error persists after the expected age of extinction, he or she may […]

Red Flags for Feeding & Swallowing Disorders in Children

Most of us taking eating and swallowing for granted.  These actions come naturally and allow us to eat our meals peacefully.  However, for some children, feeding and swallowing disorders make these natural reflexes and muscle actions difficult.  Read on to understand more about feeding and swallowing disorders and for red flags that your child may […]