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The Difference Between Positive and Negative Reinforcement

Trying to figure out different ways to approach behavior can be overwhelming and frustrating. One thing to always remember is to try and focus on reinforcing the behavior you want to see more than punishing the behavior you are wanting to decrease. Using positive and negative reinforcement can both help achieve the same goal of […]

Tips to Integrate Children with Autism into Day Camp

Camp should be a fun summer experience that all kids can enjoy.  Sending your child to summer camp with new people and a new routine can be a scary thought for most kids.  The difficulty of this transition is much more pronounced for kids with autism.  There are ways to make this transition easier on […]

Teaching Your Child Manners

Nearly anyone will agree that being a parent means being busy. Often, we are satisfied by simply getting our child to listen to our requests (i.e. “eat your vegetables.”). We all know that mere compliance can sometimes be a monumental task; however, it is important to work with your child so that his or her […]

Keeping Up Behavior Goals at Home and at School

You have already taken the first positive step to developing a set of behavior goals for your child; however, as it is true with many of life’s most important projects, follow-up is equally important as the initial step. This blog offers suggestions relating to meeting those behavior goals you have set for your child by […]


The transition from kindergarten to the first year of elementary school in the eyes of your six-year old represents a major shift in his or her daily activities. Gone are the days of nap time and half-day class sessions, and in their place are much more rigorous academic demands. But it is also a time […]