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Ways to Improve Core Strength at the Playground

As the weather is becoming nicer, you are most likely spending more time outside and at your neighborhood parks. If your child is working on improving their core strength in their therapy sessions and at home, this can also be carried over while playing on a playground. The following activities can be completed to improve your […]

Daily Activities to Improve Fine Motor Strength

Decreased hand strength can make participating in fine motor activities very difficult for a child. Here are some activities to help improve hand strength: Stirring batter or dough with a large spoon: This activity will help improve your child’s grip strength in both hands; one holding the bowl and one stirring with the spoon. The child will be […]

Fun Ways to Improve Core Strength at Home

Children can be very resistant when asked to do “exercise” because it is challenging. The following activities are fun ways to incorporate exercise to encourage improving core strength. 4 Fun Ways to Improve Core Strength at Home: Have your child lie on their back on the floor, with their knees bent and feet flat on […]

10 Signs in the Classroom Suggesting a Student May Benefit from Occupational Therapy

A teacher’s job can become very hectic when trying to help each child with their own specific challenges. An occupational therapist (ot) can be an excellent resource and adjunct to helping students overcome challenges and excel in the classroom. Here are a few tips to help a teacher identify if a child could benefit from […]

10 Ways to Encourage Handwriting Practice Without a Pencil

When handwriting is challenging for a child, getting a pencil in their hand can be a difficult task. There are many ways to practice letters without using a pencil. The motor planning component of handwriting can be reinforced through the following activities. 10 Fun Activities For Practicing Handwriting: Pour cornmeal onto a cookie sheet. Then […]

The Benefits of Fort Building

When it is chilly outside or on a rainy spring day it can be easy to run out of indoor play ideas for your children. A great activity which is often forgotten is fort building. This activity helps to facilitate development of many important skills for children.  Benefits of Indoor Fort Building for Kids Planning: […]