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Tips For Getting Your Child To Focus

Feeling frustrated that every time you turn your back, your child has once again escaped the kitchen table so nicely decorated with math workbooks, spelling words and other scattered assignments? Practicing these tips to enhance focus and attention will foster greater independence with homework completion and other tasks that require a calm body and mind. […]

How To Handle Tragedy With Your Children

What happens when tragedy occurs? When the unthinkable happens, both adults and children access their darkest fears and concerns about national, community and personal safety.  Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event and can be expressed in a variety of ways. Most kids are resilient and with validation of their feelings, opportunities for […]

How to Encourage Your Shy Child (While Honoring Her Nature)

Do you worry about your child’s ability to socialize with friends and initiate with peers? Does your child demonstrate a shy temperament? Follow these simple strategies to encourage your shy child to improve peer relationships. Check in with your child about her expectations. Is your child satisfied with the state of her affairs? Does she […]

Relaxation Strategies for Children

How do we teach our children to relax and self-soothe in a society that is inundated with constant stimuli? How do we re-frame the evil term “boredom” into an opportunity to make peace with our inner thoughts and feelings and calm our body? Often times, even adults, need prompting to relax and take a load […]

The Quest to End Bedwetting

Do you feel frustrated, helpless, and out of options when it comes to your child’s continuous bedwetting? Do you feel like you have tried every intervention without resolve? Try these 4 tips for a happy and dry night: 1. Check in with your own emotions. Your child’s bedwetting is an event that occurs while your […]

Important Communication Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Season

With Thanksgiving under our belts, holiday season 2013 is well under way. As we begin to pack for adventures across the country or plan for the arrival of house guests, it is crucial to recognize your expectations for the holidays and identify helpful communication strategies to make time with family the ideal picture of perfection.  Read […]