Valentine’s Day: What You Need To Know

Valentine’s Day can be a fun, sweet, and eventful day, but for some kids it can also be overwhelming, stressful and over-stimulating. We have put together a brief roundup of articles that will help you to approach the holiday of love with sensitivity and understanding, ensuring everyone has a happy and safe day.

5 ways to improve fine motor skills on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day provides kids with an opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills. There should not be any limits to their creativity in making cards for their friends. Encourage your kids to practice new and emerging fine motor skills this holiday as they’re designing and creating their cards! Get the details, here.

The perfect Valentine’s Day treat to make with your kids

What’s more appealing about this special treat- that it’s easy to make or that it’s healthy? Click here to get the recipe for a Strawberry Delight Smoothie.

9 Tips for over-stimulating holidays

Valentine’s Day, and holidays in general, can be really exciting and eventful times of the year. That being said, these special days can also be overwhelming for many children. When a child becomes over-stimulated during a holiday or special event, it can lead to stress, anxiety, or behaviors that can make this special time with family and friends difficult.  Gain some important insight and tips on how to deal with this, here.

We hope you will have a very happy and special Valentine’s Day this year! As always, we are here for you.