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Be Prepared for Winter Break

The holidays can be magical and peaceful, but it can also mean kids home from school on winter break, schedules thrown off, and too much candy! We’ve put together a few tips to help you enjoy this special time of year with the family: The benefit of old-fashioned toys According to NBC news, old-fashioned toys […]


4 Tips for Dealing with the Winter Blues

When you think of the winter holiday season, what comes to mind?  Time with friends and family, shopping the sales, family vacations, breaks from school?  While all of these can bring smiles to people’s faces, the holiday season can also be a time of great stress and worry.  What are your stressors during the holidays?  […]


Top 5 Winter Sports for Children

Winter is the perfect time to explore cold-weather sports and introduce children to fun activities they can do individually or with a group.    Being outdoors has been known to decrease anxiety, stimulate the senses, and improve concentration. Not only will these winter sports help beat the winter blues, they will also help build strong […]


Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend a Blossom Winter Camp!

North Shore Pediatric Therapy is offering over 17 unique camps this winter break for children ages 3 to high school.   Each camp focuses on strengthening different areas utilizing age appropriate fun activities! Top 5 Reasons Your Child Should Attend a Blossom Winter Camp: The kids are on break from school and their routine has been eliminated! Help […]


10 Ways to Promote Language Skills During Winter Break

School is out for a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean your child has to stop working on language concepts. Using these 10 tips, you can work with your child to promote his or her language skills in a fun and meaningful way! 10 Ways to Promote Language Skills During Winter Break: Narrate Everything: Explaining what you’re […]


Winter Holiday Activities for Children With or Without Sensory Processing Disorder

Play is the occupation of children. Through the action of playing, children are able to develop themselves as well as explore the world around them. Sensory integration is a process that automatically occurs in most individuals, such as when everything we see, hear and feel makes sense to us. Some individuals have a difficult time […]


Moving the Fun Indoors: Encouraging Your Child’s Speech & Language Skills During Winter Weather

Along with this new year came a fresh coat of snow, marking the start of another Chicago winter. It’s official: the time has come to move play indoors (except for an occasional snowman!) and find creative ways to keep our kids entertained and busy inside the house. But don’t stress, the fun is certainly not […]